Global NDC Conference 2025 confirmed! More details will follow soon

Announcement 2025

The first Global Stocktake clearly reported the urgent need for accelerated action across all levels and sectors to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. As countries are implementing their current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), they are simultaneously preparing their next round of submissions towards 2025. These NDCs will be crucial to keep the 1.5 °C goal in reach.

A continuous dialogue and enhanced cooperation mechanisms for climate action are, therefore, paramount. In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that the 2025 edition of the Global NDC Conference has been confirmed for June 2025!

Our conference will be aimed at providing a vibrant forum for connecting, sharing, and inspiring each other. We look forward to welcoming in Berlin climate practitioners and policymakers* from around the world working on NDCs—especially around the topics of climate ambition, access to different sources of finance, and NDC implementation.

Stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, check out the results of our past edition in 2023, as well as our multimedia section.

See you next year!


*Please note that, like in previous occasions, the Global NDC Conference 2025 will be structured as an invitation-only event to ensure a focused and impactful dialogue among a diverse and highly engaged set of participants. Therefore, any participation is subject to review and confirmation by the Conference organising team.

Would you like to contribute to the conference in 2025? Please reach out to us at info[at] to pitch your idea. The organising team will get back to you as soon as possible, based on availability of places and considering representation balance.

This is what our 2023 participants had to say:

Wafa Hmadi
Coordinator and member
Young Tunisian Climate Negotiators Group

“The biggest challenge in the NDC process is the implementation phase through targeting the most vulnerable communities and reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in changing and challenging economic and political context.”

Urda Eichhorst
Project Director
“Achieving NDCs requires transforming transport. With serious leadership and stakeholder engagement sustainable mobility is possible!”
Amit Bhatt
Managing Director (India)
International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
“Fostering international cooperation is crucial to enhance NDC ambition as countries can work together by sharing best practices, providing financial and technical support to developing countries, and engaging in global climate negotiations.”
Zagy Berian
Society of Renewable Energy (Indonesia)
“Youth can act as a bridge between stakeholders in energy and climate sector, government must involve youth to contribute enhancing the NDC target from individual to group level.”
Samantha Youngeun Shin
Senior Climate Finance Associate
“The Global NDC Conference is a great opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of climate finance tracking experiences from countries and international organizations and to refine the ICAT Climate Finance Guide that CCAP has been developing to better fit the needs of specific countries.”
Alexandra Mieth
Associate Project Manager
MCII at UNU-EHS / V20 Secretariat Policy Support
“I am looking forward to the Gobal NDC conference to exchange ideas with different stakeholders on how we can unlock economic cooperation and innovative financing that enables climate vulnerable countries to reach their self-determined climate positive development targets. “
Sarah Goodenough
Head of Policy
Climate Policy Radar
“Delivering the Paris Agreement requires urgent action, yet insights into effective policy making are hidden within mountains of documents. Arming researchers and decision-makers with a comprehensive evidence base is crucial to halve emissions this decade.”
Joaquim Leite
Head of Climate Finance
NDC Partnership
“Achieving the Paris Agreement requires unprecedented levels of global cooperation. The NDC Partnership supports countries in adopting a whole-of-society and collaborative approach by mobilizing and coordinating technical and financial resources for ambitious climate action.”
Jebi Rahman
Head of Global Implementation
Climate Group
“State and regional governments play a key role in implementing NDCs. There needs to be closer collaboration between national and subnational governments to ensure that NDCs increase in ambition, and are deliverable on the ground.”
Cassie Flynn
Director, Climate Hub
“NDCs are one of the strongest tools we have at our disposal to advance sustainable development in the years and decades ahead. From energy and nature to agriculture and transport, NDCs offer unique, sovereign blueprints for investment in areas that can push climate ambition and action.”
Martin Ewald
Managing Director & Lead Portfolio Manager
“The Global NDC Conference engenders a unique opportunity to showcase the innovative and impactful work of private markets blended finance.”
Sara Cognuck González
Natural Resource Manager
“Still excited to have participated in the Global NDC Conference and to have been part of the group of 10 young people who were selected for our work in climate policy. It was really inspiring to share and meet more young people in climate action.”
Silvia Elena Gomez Garcia
Secretary of Environment and Sustainability
Government of Antioquia, Colombia
“The Global NDC Conference is an enriching and valuable experience where we strengthened ties with great leaders from different countries.”