June 14, 2019 • 11:00 am - 12:45 am • Aurora Borealis 3

Greening the financial system: institutionalizing climate action

Facilitators: CDP Contributors: Ludwik Kotecki (Former Deputy Minister of Finance of Poland), Pietro Bertazzi (CDP)

The financial system can steer the private sector and investment community towards climate goals, and development and implementation of NDCs. It needs, however, leverages within the policy space set by regulators. The session presents a bridge between the financial system and policy makers, including its regulators and supervisors. The Network for Greening the Financial System is an interesting development in this space. The objective of the session is to present recent developments of the NGFS and their plans in the context of challenges of central banks and supervisors.

Presentation: Central Banks, Regulators, and Supervisors – Roles, Tasks and Instruments in Developing More Green Financial Sector