June 12, 2019 • 2:00 pm - 3:45 pm • Reindeer

Utilising Article 6 to implement NDCs and raise ambition; the role of pilot activities and the private sector

Facilitators: International Emissions Trading Association, GIZ Contributors: Geoffrey Ssebuggwawo (Uganda); Esther Rohena (South Pole); Rene Velazquez (CBL Markets); Ousmane Fall Sarr (West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance); Stephan Hoch (Perspectives)

Through expert presentations and a panel discussion, the private sector oriented breakout session aims to

  1. demonstrate how market approaches under article 6 of the PA can facilitate NDC implementation.
  2. showcase ongoing article 6 pilot activities while emphasizing the role of the private sector.
  3. discuss best practices, lessons learnt and opportunities for private sector engagement in utilization of aspects under article 6 to implement NDCs.