June 12, 2019 • 2:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Breakout Sessions

Parallel breakout sessions with hands-on examples from leaders and game changers in government, private sector and from institutions. Participants explore and exchange how to turn the Paris Agreement Rulebook into action with regards to governance, finance and transparency of NDC implementation and update.

What do the colours and pictograms mean?

Tracking progress of NDCs: Effective indicators of mitigation efforts
Mobilising political interests to inspire ambitious NDC Action: the Power of the Co-Benefits Narrative
Utilising Article 6 to implement NDCs and raise ambition; the role of pilot activities and the private sector
Strengthening developing country capacity on national GHG inventories for effective transparency framework: a focus on the AFOLU sector
Tools for developing emissions scenarios and quantifying sustainable development impacts
How to structure an M&E system for climate policies: Experiences from Colombia and Spain
Including Nature in NDCs – supporting effective design and implementation of enhanced NDCs
The role of policy in advancing private investment in NDC implementation
How can the NAP process enhance the NDCs by 2020? We’ve got some ideas.
Impacts of transport pricing on GHG emissions: results from assessing country policy applications