June 14, 2019 • 11:00 am - 12:45 pm

Breakout Sessions

Parallel breakout sessions with hands-on examples from leaders and game changers in government, private sector and from institutions. Participants explore and exchange how to advance beyond current NDC goals and set the path for climate resilient long-term low greenhouse gas emission development.

What do the colours and pictograms mean?

Gender-responsive climate action: Lessons for scaling up
Greening the financial system: institutionalizing climate action
Scaling up climate action in cities to support national commitments – Lessons from Colombia and Mexico
Enhanced transparency framework as a vehicle for ambition: experience of champions
Country experiences in investment planning to drive NDC implementation
Scaling the transformative impact of green growth and long-term strategies to deliver on the Paris Agreement
Mobilising private finance to implement low carbon mobility solutions
How transformational change promotes ambitious NDCs: assessing the potential of policies
Seizing the Moment: Priorities, Options, and Tools for Enhancing NDC Ambition
The practice of collaborative climate action & locally defined contributions – for a multi-level governance approach to NDC revisions