June 13, 2019 • 11:00 am - 12:45 pm • Stockholm 1

Maximising the SDG benefits of NDCs

Facilitators: SD Strategies, GIZ, IASS Contributors: Ursula Becker (GIZ); Ieva Indriunaite (SDS); Dean Gioutsos (SDS); Sebastian Helgenberger (IASS); Telly Chauke (South Africa); Imre Petry (AED), Andrea Meza (Costa Rica); Mexico (tbc)

Climate action carries enormous opportunities for sustainable development, and reciprocally. By synthesising NDC and SDG measures into national and sub-national level development planning and actions we can maximise policy coherence and resource allocation while raising ambition. This session provides an overview of tools available to decision makers and illustrates experiences of South Africa, Costa Rica and Mexico to identify social, economic and environmental development co-benefits of climate action and design coherent, implementation-focused transformative strategies.