June 14, 2019 • 11:00 am - 12:45 pm • Aurora Borealis 1

Enhanced transparency framework as a vehicle for ambition: experience of champions

Facilitators: UNEP-DTU, UNFCCC Contributors: Jenny Mager (Ministry of Environment, Chile); Jake Werksman (European Commission); Miriam Hinostroza (UNEP-DTU Partnership); Xuehong Wang (UNFCCC)

The international transparency framework continues to support the rise of the climate change champions. Among a few Parties, Chile is committed to submit its updated NDC at the COP25. Chile, along with the EU, will share lessons learned and experience gained in preparing and updating their NDCs, in developing the domestic institutional arrangements for transparency and in participating in the transparency framework under the UNFCCC. The UNEP-DTU Partnership will showcase technical transparency tools and support available to the Parties.

The breakout session will highlight the evolving role of transparency in raising the ambition by exploring the following:

  • How does transparency support the increase of ambition in the NDC?
  • How Parties overcame challenges in updating their NDC and became the NDC champions?
  • What are the capacity building needs and opportunities to enhance the transparency?
  • How did Parties benefit from capacity building initiatives on transparency?

Presentation: How does transparency support the increase of ambition in the NDC in your country?
Presentation Jenny Mager: Chile
Presentation Jake Werksman: EU
Presentation Miriam Hinostroza: UNEP-DTU
Presentation Xuehong Wang: UNFCCC