June 13, 2019 • 11:00 am - 12:45 am • Yew

What can sustainable land-use and land-use planning do for climate change adaptation and mitigation?

Facilitators: UNIQUE, IFPRI Contributors: Alessandro De Pinto (IFPRI); Katalin Solymosi (UNIQUE); George Wamukoya (Kenya); André Fabian (GIZ)

Sustainable land use provides a huge untapped potential to deliver high impact climate solutions that deliver multiple-win solutions for mitigation, adaptation and development objectives, such as healthy food and biodiversity preservation. Many countries highlight this in its NDCs, though, often facing difficulties in operationalising it. We will share best practices from academia, policy, development and private sector and invite participants to contribute theirs. Participants will take home inspiration on concrete measures to strengthen their NDCs.

Presentation Katalin Solymosi: Demand Side Measures

Presentation Alex De Pinto: Climate Change and Land Use Management

Presentation Breakout Session