June 12, 2019 • 2:00 pm - 3:45 pm • Stockholm 1

How can the NAP process enhance the NDCs by 2020? We’ve got some ideas.

Facilitators: IISD, GIZ Contributors: Anika Terton (IISD); Shivanal Kumar (Fiji); Thomas Lerenten Lelekoitien (Kenya); Laura Cruz (Sustentar); Pauline Probst (GIZ)

2020 presents us with a real opportunity to communicate updated and enhanced NDCs and to strengthen the explicit relationship between a country’s NAP process and their NDC. In this session participants will hear about Fiji’s and Kenya’s efforts in aligning the two policy processes and build a stronger understanding how to use the NAP process and its results to inform the update of future NDCs.

Presentation by Shivanal Kumar, Fijian Government: Fiji’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Catalogue

Presentation by Thomas Lerenten Lelekoitien: NDC and NAP Linkages in Kenya

Presentation NAP Global Network: How Can the NAP Process Enhance the NDCs by 2020? We’ve got some ideas.