Knowledge products

Please find here a collection of the knowledge products produced in the follow-up of our three-day event.

Knowledge products on NDCs

The Heat Is On – NDC Global Outlook Report 2019 (Taking Stock of Global Climate Ambition)

Enhancing NDCs: A Guide to Strengthening National Climate Plans by 2020 (UNDP & WRI)

Webinar: Modeling and Data-Analysis in Developing Long-Term Low-Emission Development Strategies

The Paris Agreement – How a 1.5C World Can Only Be Circular (Circular Economy)—how-a-1-5c-world-can-only-be-circular.html

Vanuatu NDC Implementation Roadmap

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land: What’s in it for Latin America?

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land: What’s in it for South Asia?

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land: What’s in it for Africa?

Case Study on Colombia´s National Carbon Tax (in Spanish)

Next steps under the Paris Agreement and the Katowice Climate Package

The Climate Helpdesk is a global advisory network providing rapid, high quality, short-term technical assistance for developing countries.

The Good Practice Database presents various examples of good practices worldwide which demonstrate how climate policies and actions are being effectively designed and implemented across a range of national contexts.

Knowledge products on gender and NDCs

Gender Analysis and NDCs: Short Guidance for Government Stakeholders–short-guidance-for-government-stakehol.html

Ghana Gender Analysis and Climate Change

Mainstreaming Gender in the NDC in Trinidad and Tobago

Genre et changement climatique en Côte d’Ivoire

Gender and NDCs: Country Progress and Key Findings–country-progress-and-key-findings.html

Webinar: Gender-Responsive Budgeting and Climate Finance–gender-responsive-budgeting-and-climate-finance.html

Webinar: Gender Analysis for NDCs–gender-and-ndcs–gender-analysis.html

Webinar: Gender Data and Indicators for NDCs–session-2–gender-data-an.html

Knowledge products on governance

A New Narrative of Resilient and Climate-Smart Societies: Aligning Adaptation, Mitigation and the SDGs

Webinar: Horizontal Integration: Multi-sectoral Approaches for Achieving NDC Targets–how-multi-sectoral-approaches-facilitate.html

Entry points to support collaborative climate action – A synthesis brief from the project Vertical Integration and Learning for Low-Emission Development in Africa and Southeast Asia

Alignment to Advance Climate-Resilient Development

Exploration of Adaptation – Mitigation Synergies

The Planetary Health Diet in Theory and Practice

SDG Climate Action Nexus tool (SCAN-tool) provides high-level guidance on how climate actions can impact the achievement of SDGs

The AIRPOLIM-ES is an accessible, Excel-based tool that estimates the health impacts of air pollution from different sources of electricity generation and other fuel combustion.

Case Study on Community Engagement for Minigrids, building on experiences from Nigeria and Sierra Leone

BUND policy brief on Civil Society Engagement for Ambitious NDCs – Opportunities and challenges of civil society involvement in the update and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions

Working together for climate resilience – Challenges and success factors for collaboration between technical and financial partners in development cooperation

Knowledge products on private sector engagement

The EIM-ES is a transparent, Excel-based tool that estimates the domestic employment and wider economic impacts of investments in the electricity supply sector within a country

Green Bond Roadmaps is a resource for government representatives and others interested in better understanding green bonds

Guidebook: Smart Incentives for Mini-Grids through Retail Tariff and Subsidy Design

Kenya Private Sector Framework

Kenya: Unlocking the Private Sector Potential in Implementing Kenya’s NDC in the Waste Sector–unlocking-the-private-sector-potential-in-implementing-ke.html

Uganda Private Sector – Strategies for Engagement in Climate and SDG Actions

Uganda NDC SDG Business Needs Survey Findings

Uganda Business Case for Climate Action WS Report

Uganda Business Case for Climate Action – Policy Brief

Webinar: SDG Impact Assessment of Business Sector in Uganda–sdg-impact-asssessment-of-business-sector-in-uganda.html

Webinar: Engaging the private sector for reaching NDC targets

Case Study on Chile´s Clean Production Agreements (in Spanish)

Knowledge products on climate finance

Kenya’s Training Handbook on Climate Finance: Budget Coding, Tracking and Reporting–budget-coding–tra.html

Derisking investments for solar off-grids (Energy team)

Webinar: Macro-Economic Investment Environment for NDCs: Setting the Scene for Institutional Investors in Climate Actions (Webinar)–setting-the-scen.html

Webinar: Energy Access Financing Platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa–sah.html

Webinar: Green Bonds Financing for Climate Action

Webinar: Innovative Finance Instruments for Ambitious Climate Action–innovative-finance-instruments-for-ambitious-climate-ac.html

Knowledge products on transparency

Ghana: National Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) System Assessment Report–national-measurement–reporting-and-verification–mrv–sy.html

ICAT Assessment Guides provide methods to assess the impacts of national policies and actions to judge how they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advance sustainable development and drive transformational change

National Benefits of climate reporting discussion paper intends to highlight benefits that a country can obtain through transparent and ambitious climate reporting and a robust and self-sustained MRV system

Technical workshop on enhancing coordination and synergy of MRV processes in Kenya

Vanuatu Integrated MRV Tool

Webinar: Integrated MRV Online Tool for Climate Mitigation Action Tracking

Knowledge products on long-term strategies

Scaling Up Ambition – G20 LTS and NDCs Executive Summary (UNDP & WRI)

Scaling Up Ambition: Leveraging NDCs and Long-Term Strategies to Achieve the Paris Agreement Goals (UNDP & WRI)

Sector decarbonisation pathways from different angles: technology, modelling, politics

Webinar: Long-Term Strategies and the U.N. Climate Action Summit 

Knowledge products on advocacy and strategic communications

Media Sensitization on Climate Change in Trinidad and Tobago

CDKN Communicating Climate Change Guide

Knowledge products on nature-based solutions for NDCs (NBS team)

Nature-based Solutions for NDCs Pathway Framework

Nature-based Solutions for NDCs Toolkit