2. Alignment for ambitious adaptation action

Date: Wednesday 31st May
Time: 14:00-16:00
Room: Pine

The majority of countries have included adaptation in their new/updated submissions and have launched NAP processes4, including 44 developing countries that have submitted their NAPs. This means that the focus is now shifting from pledges and commitments to action by implementing NDC and NAP priorities. The process to formulate and implement NAP includes implementation and inclusiveness is one of its key principles. The main objective of this breakout session is to enhance understanding of how governments, UN agencies, donors and civil society can overcome the financial, governance and inclusion-related barriers to increased ambition in the implementation of NDC adaptation priorities by leveraging the adaptation planning (NAP) work and vice versa.


  • Sara Cognuck-Gonzalez, Climate Activist, Costa Rica
  • Shamim Ahmed Mridha, Eco-Network, Bangladesh

Organizers: GIZ, IISD, UNDP