3. Showcasing carbon market projects to display their role in raising NDC ambitions

Date: Thursday 1st June
Time: 11:00-13:00
Room: Copenhagen

This session aims to engage and inform the audience on how projects in the global carbon markets play a crucial role in mobilizing financial tools and set ambitious goals to increase carbon-saving projects. The general narrative of this session is to display success stories from different countries and provide insights into the first experiences with implementing Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. You will hear from representatives from Ghana, Peru, Thailand, and Uganda, including perspectives from a youth representative and the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance.


  • Moubarak Moukaila, Regional Coordinator of the RCC of Lomé and Head of the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Projects
  • Juliet Grace Luwedde, Global Coordinator, Youth Constituency of UNCCD, Uganda
  • Krittaya Chunhaviriyakul, Director of Thailand’s UNFCCC Focal Point Section, Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Thailand
  • Daniel Benefor, Senior Programme Officer, Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana 
  • Stephan Hoch, Managing Director of Perspectives Climate Group

Organizers: GIZ