Let’s minimize the footprint of the Global NDC Conference 2023

Global NDC Conference 2019, Berlin

We are striving an environmental-friendly conference by applying the principles of sustainable event-management. Our goal is to raise awareness, lower emissions, and implement the three R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) wherever and as much as possible, while ensuring that all participants feel comfortable and empowered.

To make this happen, we have elaborated a comprehensive Sustainability Action Plan that focuses on six main areas (and defines 25 specific actions):

  1. Sustainable procurement of conference materials (e.g., minimising goodies)
  2. Environmentally friendly catering (e.g., where possible regional, local, seasonal food)
  3. Smart waste management (e.g., paperless as a standard, reusable materials)
  4. Low-emission mobility (e.g., incentivising low-emission mobility options)
  5. Sustainable usage of water (e.g., encourage tap water use, avoid plastic bottles)
  6. Cross-cutting topics (e.g., communication of sustainability topics, mental and physical leisure)

The conference’s organising team will implement all 25 actions of the Sustainability Action Plan together with external partners and service providers. The effectiveness of the actions will be measured, and the feedback and perceptions of participants will be captured at the end of the conference to allow for future improvements. 

How can YOU contribute towards the Sustainability Action Plan?

As participant of the Global NDC Conference, you are going to be an integral part of our Sustainability Action Plan and will have an empowering role in helping to implement the measures defined. Your impact starts already today!

Have you thought about offsetting your flight? Are you interested in learning more in advance on how to plan your leisure time as sustainable as possible in Berlin? For further information, please visit 10 tips for a sustainable trip to Berlin | visitBerlin.de or the Global NDC Conference FAQs on sustainability with helpful links. 

Ultimately, sustainability is also a matter of attitude. Join us in Berlin to discuss the future of NDC implementation and help us to joyfully minimize the impact of our get-together!  

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our sustainability measures, please feel free to get in touch with us at info[at]globalndcconference.org.